suicide with a mirror


suicide with a mirror

Masanori HATA

Publisher: A-soshiki

New, Signed

The first photobook by Japanese artist Masanori Hata, featuring photographs created between 2011 and 2015.

“Contemplating the fact that who I see in front of me is not actually me, I realize what strange things mirrors really are. I can’t help but think of my late brother whose face looked so similar to my own.
But what I see in front of me here isn’t faces but something else, built from light and shadow.
I can sense something important in what I’m looking at, and so I keep looking. And as I look, a pain manifests in my head, as if a memory forces its way out.
It’s a memory of something I had lost as a child — not a toy of mine or the painting I did that I was proud of, nor my collection of pretty stones. Just a landscape I had seen.”

— Masanori Hata

Book Size
280 x 230 mm
144 pages
Hardcover with Case
Publication Date
Japanese, English