takeo paper show 2018 precision 

takeo paper show 2018 precision 

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Since its foundation in 1899, TAKEO Co., Ltd., a specialized paper trading company, has developed and offered high grade special printing paper named “Fine Paper”.
And it has hosted TAKEO PAPER SHOW since 1965, the only and largest expo in Japan featuring specifically a paper industry, which marks 48th show this year.
For the first time in 4 years, TAKEO PAER SHOW was held this year with the theme of “Precision” and presented a brand new “Fine Paper” evolving diverse genres of paper materials.

By a great leap in the Internet and digital devices, the role of paper is at a turning point from an information medium and it is urged to revalidate the material itself and its potential.
Through the show, 9 creatives supervised creation of new Fine Papers from the stand point of “Precision” to realize the motive.

This book compiles the exhibition views of the show held in Tokyo in June 2018 and its production process, with variety of photos and texts, including over 5000 words of interviews to the creatives, essay by anthropologist Shinichi Takemura, tripartite talk by the President of Takeo Co., Ltd, Yoshihisa Tanaka, director of the show and Hideyuki Nakayama, supervisor of the venue design that reviews Monodzukuri (manufacturing) industry and its future.

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