The Living Theatre

The Living Theatre

HO Fan

Publisher: Modernbook

Born in Shanghai, China in 1931 and immigrating to Hong Kong aged 18, Fan Ho began to document everyday life from an early age having received his first camera from his father at the age of 13. An acclaimed photographer and film director, Fan Ho’s _The Living Theatre _elegantly captured life as it was carried out in both Hong Kong and China in between 1945-1966. The people as actors play out the dramas of their everyday in front of Fan Ho’s lens. Printed in duo tone, Fan Ho gracefully captures the crowds of a busy market place, waterways and the alleyways of each city, beautifully telling the story of the lives of the individuals and the spaces in which their stories are staged. Each image is accompanied by a caption, utilizing both the visual and written language to create a poetic and wondrous depiction of an era through his eyes.

Fan Ho's work has been exhibited in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Argentina and Singapore and is part of the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art San Francisco. His films have been part of the official selections at Cannes and are also included in the permanent collections at the National Film Archives of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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