See You, The Shanghai Issue

See You, The Shanghai Issue

James H Bollen

Publisher: Self-published

Aiming to replicate the “freer and more offbeat” aesthetic of 1990s fashion magazines – exemplified by the defunct Sleazenation – photographer James H Bollen portrayed around 20 different women for “See You - The Shanghai Issue.” The portraits come as single images and multi-page series, with Bollen trying to emulate an entire team of magazine photographers, each with unique styles and technical preferences.

“None of the women are professional models. I explained to them that the photos would be a collaborative process. Almost all the women selected what to wear and whether or not to use make-up […]
None of the women asked for a particular image to be included or excluded, so the final edit is mine.” — from James H Bollen’s foreword

Keywords: Shanghai


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Book Size
300 × 230 mm
122 pages
Publication Date
English, Chinese
Limited Edition

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