The Shudders of Narita Airport

The Shudders of Narita Airport


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【Shudders of Narita Airport 】

It used to be a peaceful farming village covered in green, with fertile grounds which had taken over a decade to be pioneered. A single cabinet decision launched an explosive battle that would unfold over the following twelve years, between a “National Request” and the farmers protecting their land.

The struggle of Sanrizuka exposed and emphasized the faults of contemporary society. This is a precious photo book that vividly tells the reality of the people fighting to the death to protect their land and their occasional battles.


【Review quotes】

・ Following the over ten year long conflict at Narita with a focus on the lives of the farmers, the book constitutes a silent reminder of the “land of the farmers” and the “struggle of Narita” with every visible thing depicted in it. —Yomiuri Shinbun


・ Hamaguchi-san, whose energetic work output began with the photo books “Record and Instant”, “Daigaku Tousou” (“Student Riots”), “Shiden no Shi” (“Streetcar Poetry”), solo exhibitions and features in camera magazines, is a leading artist in the field of journalistic photography.

Shudders of Narita Airport captures the various expressions of people risking their lives to protect their cultivated land, after a “National Request” put forth by a sudden cabinet decision dragged the peaceful farming village of Sanrizuka into a maelstrom of hatred and bloodshed. —Asahi Shinbun


・ The powerful shots - 110 photos selected from well over 1500 - of a peaceful, flourishing farming village that, many dozen times in over ten years, changed into a place of hatred and bloodshed, show the expressions of the farmers trying to live on their land until the very end in an impressive manner. —Kanagawa Shinbun

Keywords: Protest Documentary


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