The Strange Moves That We Make

The Strange Moves That We Make


Publisher: Taka Ishii Gallery

This catalogue was published to commemorate the 2016 exhibition at Taka Ishii Gallery of the same title.
The book introduces Ito’s recent works from Ito’s “study on living things,” among them clay murals as well as three-dimensional pieces whose use of embroidery evokes associations with large rocks and other organic materials, as well as the space in which they were exhibited.

“A human being, standing on their feet for the first time since they were born, is surprised by this new ability. The shock is visible in its face. Then, the surprising act is repeated again and again, in an attempt to give concrete shape to their emotions.”

— Zon Ito


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Book Size
271 x 226 mm
64 pages, 34 illustrations
Publication Date
English, Japanese