The Way to the Golden Mountain


The Way to the Golden Mountain

XU Xiao-Xiao

Publisher: Sturm & Drang publishers

limited, signed, three different covers

A photobook dedicated to the importance of home , Xiaoxiao Xu’s The Way to the Golden Mountain is a beautifully constructed visual narrative exploring the emotional ties of both memory, identity and of homelands. Having left her birthplace of China in 1999 as a teenager to live in the Netherlands, Xiao Xiao Xu travelled back to her hometown of the port city of Wenzhou, located within the eastern province Zhejiang, in both 2009 and 2013 confronting her past, and her emotional memories of a place and community in which she emigrated from as a young adult. Capturing more than just the conceptual idea of home and homelands, the resulting images from her return present a narrative charged by the emotional ties of  both memory and belonging presenting an individual yet universal exploration of identity, kinship and a social commentary on emigration. 

The publication is available in there different cover images and is accompanied by text available in English by Xiaoxiao XU. 


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Book Size
225 x 215 mm
104 pages
Publication Date
Limited Edition
600 copies with numbering

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