Through the waves


Through the waves


Publisher: Irie Taikichi Award Executive Committee

Nao Manabe’s series “Through the Waves,” published by the Irie Taikichi Award Executive Committee following her win of the third Irie Taikichi Award.

In “Through the Waves,” Nao Manabe presents a very personal study of life on Hawaii—mostly as it is experienced by the Japanese minority. Manabe has first become interested in Hawaii as a subject for art after visiting the islands during a student exchange program in high-school.

“[...]she is very superior in her ability to create a work that keeps the freshness of her impression when she saw a particular scene for the first time. The work has no preconceived ideas; it is just portrayed with a pure eye. I think her works reach beyond the genre of the documentary.”
— Kotaro Iizawa (chairman of the Irie Taikichi Award Committee) about Nao Manabe’s series

Soft-cover, 188 pages, boxed. Includes several testimonies by Japanese artists and jurors and detailed info for each photograph (in Japanese and English translation).


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Book Size
225 × 200 mm
188 pages
Softcover, slipcase
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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