To the sand dunes

To the sand dunes


Publisher: BOOTLEG

Tetsuya Morimoto’s “To The Sand Dunes” tells of Morimoto’s trip to one of Japan’s strangest places, the sand dunes in Tottori Prefecture.
But none of his photos show the light-brown sceneries of piled up sand that the word “dunes” may evoke. He captured the dune covered in snow, captured the opaque window—foggy with breath—of the bus that brought him there, captured groups of people standing half-obscured in the camera’s out-of-focus range. Few photobooks have captured a feeling, a mood as well as Morimoto’s: the vague desire to do something with your day, to see what’s there, out there—perhaps disappointment, perhaps something else.

“Once I saw a postcard of the sand dunes.
I’d never been there so I decided to go.
But the air fare was way too much.
I ended up taking the overnight bus
that gets there in the morning, as it was cheaper.”
— from Tetsuya Morimoto’s foreword


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Book Size
182 × 257 mm
52 pages
Softcover, slipcase
Publication Date
English, Japanese