Tōchan wa Shashinka (Dad was a photographer)

Tōchan wa Shashinka (Dad was a photographer)

Kenshichi HESHIKI

Publisher: Mirai-sha Publishers

Tōchan wa Shashinka (Dad was a photographer) is a collection of photos by Heshiki Kenshichi. The Japanese photographer died in 2009, after receiving the Ina Nobuo award the previous year, having left behind a vast archive of photos that chronicle the life on islands in Japan’s Okinawan region.

“People are born, grow through childhood, become adults, give birth to children of their own. Finally, they will grow old and embrace death. There’s no doubt that young boys and young girls possess a delicate sensibility regarding this time “en-route” to, this “interval” on the way towards life’s end.”

— from the book’s explanation text (translation by shashasha)

Keywords: Okinawa Snapshot

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