Kensaku Kakimoto has selected the images in Translator from the 10,000ths of photographs he has taken on his travels through the world. In the photos - taken in the Sahara desert, in Iceland, Russia, Europe and other places - he captured local people, carefully arranged landscapes, blurry moments and human wonders (space rockets).
“Whether dealing with human beings or nature, if one neglects to pay respect to the subject and engage with them in all sincerity, a firm wall is erected upon the borderline, allowing only the surface to be captured. If accepted by the land it is possible to capture the emotional beauty its nature produces. It is what I believe, and what I consider to be the manner of nature. When I am able to bear witness to such moments, I am moved from the depths of my heart and realize that I am indeed alive.”
— from Kensaku Kakimoto’s afterword

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