Publisher: KAIDO BOOKS


"The name of this Photobook, Tsu Tsu Ura Ura, means here and there, from a small port, along the coastline, all around Japan. I have taken these photographs between 2008 and 2015 when I became interested in landscapes whilst traveling around Japan. My journeys took me to Tohoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Okinawa, and I visited many peninsulas and islands. I encountered many seas and rivers, many small mountain villages, many fishing towns, as well as, of course numerous lighthouses. At the beginning of each year, I forward planned my springtime trip over the Golden Week, the longest national holiday in Japan. So in this book you will see cherry blossoms in April and carp streamers lighting up the sky on Children's Day in May. I like waterfronts, therefore there will also be many lighthouses. I rented a car at my destination and travelled long distances through the land. Landscapes of mountain passes may look similar, however, my sense is that if I was able to capture something special, it was only at that place at that time that my photograph could have been taken. That is, I feel as if, each place led me to it's world."

  • Ikuko Suzuki Tsu Tsu Ura Ura 2015

Published by Kaido Books, Ikuko Suzuki's TSU TSU URA URA presents a visual journey along the many landscapes of Japan. Within this publication, Suzuki captures both the people, their identities and their environments within a photographic series which captures the very essence of life's momentary instances captured and kept within as a photographic memory.

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