Vantage Point

Vantage Point


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In the photobook “Vanishing Point”, the artists Daniel Everett and Mårten Lange explore the organizational nature and structural identity of Tokyo’s urban landscape in photographs. Rather than flashy neighborhoods and familiar locations, the two artists focus on easily overlooked details to identify the patterns and the way of thinking that underlies the Japanese megalopolis’s architecture.

The two artists decided to launch the project after Lange noticed at a book fair that he had taken the exact same photo from the exact vantage point in Tokyo as Everett.
“Vantage Point” includes essays by the architect Jesús Vassallo and the writer Paola Paleari (all texts in English).

“The protagonist of the book is then of course Tokyo, but more generally the idea of the city. While both Everett and Lange are foreigners, and they surely take different photographs than a Japanese photographer would, their objective is not to exoticize the place nor to render it different or unique. In their case, I believe, the distant metropolis, with its mix of old and new, acts like a mirror to their own respective environments: a massive and convoluted body onto which to imprint their own anxieties and fascinations with the idea of civilizations itself.”
― from Jesús Vassallo’s essay “Tokyo Fugue”


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