Taisuke KOYAMA



"VESSEL - XYZXY" (2016) is a piece created by taisuke koyama for the first time to focused on 'body' as a motif. This series produced in collaboration with japanese sculptor kohei nawa and derives from the performance piece "vessel" by nawa and french/belgian choreographer damien jalet. In this work, koyama explored whether a reality exists wherein the body as vessel has been transformed into a digital image, using the 3d scanned data of performer's bodies. Specifically, koyama finely adjusted the angle, position and lighting of the 3d data in the space simulated by the 3d modeling software. The captured image of simulated data is then printed out and re-scanned with handheld scanner. In the group exhibition “aichi triennale 2016 trans dimension”, koyama exhibited 18 pieces of 6.6-meters-long prints of this series. The title 'XYZXY' refers to the coordinate axes of a two-dimensional image and three-dimensional space.

This book is co-published by paris-based rrose editions and taisuke koyama project. The prints has a shiny appearance because it's printed in richly silver and black ink.

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