When skin has eyes

When skin has eyes

Benjamin HOSKING

Publisher: W Publishing

Australian photographer Benjamin Hosking’s eerily sensual portrait of a Japanese modern architectural marvel.

In “When skin has eyes”, Hosking visits the Hakone Prince Hotel, designed in the late 1970s by Japanese master architect Togo Murano. Brilliantly blended with the surrounding natural landscape, the hotel combines modern and classic styles, elegance and daringness, into an almost surreal experience. Hosking’s approach is one that grasps beyond the limits of the camera. Here, in tight detail shots, gloomily lit interieurs and expertly cropped exteriors, Hosking offers the building the chance to tell its deeper tales, to offer an experience that – while visual – involves more than our eyes.

The book includes an essay by Australian writer Shana Chandra in English and Japanese translation.

Keywords: Architecture
Book Size
240 × 160 × 4 mm
40 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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