White Night 2nd edition

White Night 2nd edition


Publisher: Jiazazhi Press

Chinese artist and journalist Feng Li’s first monograph, first published in 2017, presents a selection of his color photography taken between 2005 and 2015. Li, who is working as an official photographer for Szechuan province’s communications department, photographs the life around him with a keen sense for the surreal and often humorous moments waiting to be uncovered by his camera’s lens.
The title “White Night” stems from a verse from the Bible: “By day they meet with darkness, and grope at noon as in the night.”

“I don’t know whether they are photographic works, but they do present another sides of our reality. I can't explain them specifically, as I can't understand the world. The only thing I can tell is my questions.” (from the artist’s statement)

This second edition is slightly smaller in size and features higher-quality paper as well as higher-quality printing.


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Book Size
200 × 285 mm
184 pages
Publication Date
2nd Edition

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