Ludion is an independent publisher founded 30 years ago by Peter Ruyffelaere, who is still at the helm today. Over the years, the firm has become a byword for high-quality publications, both in Belgium and internationally. Ludion has a long history, in the course of which we have consistently adapted to changing times. That’s why we adhere firmly to the motto ‘less is more’. Rather than bombarding the market, we maintain a modest and well-tended list to which we can give our total support. Ludion releases no more than a dozen new titles a year, so we can focus even more time and attention on them. A small, enthusiastic team ensures the success of our projects: Peter Ruyffelaere as publisher, his daughter Ruth as coordinator and editor, Dylan Van Elewyck as designer, and Alison Van Autreve as office manager. They are the beating heart of our publishing house, backed by a group of outstanding freelancers.

Publications of Ludion