1955 born in Hokkaido, Japan.
1984-2006 photographs his journeys to Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet and Chinese Western Regions.
2010- begins to work as freelance commercial photographer; start of the "vending machines" series.


2016 - "Roadside Lights" Zen Foto Gallery, Japan
2015 - "MERCI" MADO-SHA Publishing, Co. Ltd, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 - "Roadside Lights" Zen Photo gallery, Tokyo
2017 - "Existence of" Epson Imaging gallery, Tokyo
2016 - "Roadside Lights Ⅳ" KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo
2015 - "Roadside Lights Ⅲ" KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo
2013 - "Roadside Lights" Continental Gallery, Sapporo
2013 - "Roadside Lights" KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 - "RAIEC WAVE" Mirage Gallery, Kobe
2012 - "Living with photography" I.P.C., Tokyo


2018 - 34th Higashikawa Award - Special Photographer Award

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