Born in Wakkanai, Hokkaido in 1955. Driven by the question what happiness means to us humans, Ohashi began visiting the Himalayas, Tibet, Pakistan and China’s Western Regions in 1984, and documented landscapes local ethnic minorities over a period of twenty years. In 2008, Ohashi started to work as a commercial photographer and began photographing vending machines throughout Japan. Eiji Ohashi’s main exhibitions so far include “Roadside Lights” at Galerie&co199 (Paris, 2017) and “Existence of” at Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo, 2017).


2020 - "Roadside Lights Seasons: Winter" Case Publishing, Japan
2019 - "Roadside Lights Special Edition Box Vol.II" Case Publishing, Japan
2018 - "Roadside Lights Special Edition Box" Case Publishing, Japan
2017 - "Being there" Case Publishing, Japan
2017 - "Roadside Lights" Zen Foto Gallery, Japan
2015 - "MERCI" MADO-SHA Publishing Co., Ltd., Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 - "Roadside Lights" Marianne Cat Gallery, Marseille
2018 - "Roadside Lights/Being there" Case Tokyo, Tokyo
2018 - "Being there/Roadside Lights" Case Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2017 - "Roadside Lights" Galerie &co119, Pars
2017 - "Roadside Lights"  Zen Photo gallery, Tokyo
2017 - "Existence of" Epson Imaging gallery, Tokyo
2016 - "Roadside Lights Ⅳ" KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo
2015 - "Roadside Lights Ⅲ" KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo
2013 - "Roadside Lights" Continental Gallery, Sapporo
2013 - "Roadside Lights" KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 - "RAIEC WAVE" Mirage Gallery, Kobe
2016 - "RAIEC Tokyo" 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2014 - "DARK ROOM MEETING2015" Continental Gallery, Sapporo
2014 - "Expressed Picture Hokkaido" Continental Gallery, Sapporo
2012 - "Living with photography" I.P.C., Tokyo


2018 - 34th Higashikawa Award, Special Photographer Award

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