Ten photobooks about 3.11

Book Review

A selection of ten photobooks about the Great East Japan Earthquake on the tenth anniversary of March 11, 2011.

Photobooks 2020: The Pandemic

Best Books

A short list of photobooks that deal with the most inevitable, unavoidable topic of 2020 – the Corona Pandemic.

Interview: Adou & "To Nietzsche"


Five short questions for Chinese artist Adou about his book "To Nietzsche" (with Liu Ke and Huang Huang) and its connections to the German philosopher.

Top 5: Tatsuo Suzuki on street photography photobooks

Book Review

Tatsuo Suzuki has been shooting street-photography in Tokyo for more than ten years, amassing a cult-like following online and winning the inaugural Steidl Book Award with his work “Friction / Tokyo”. Here, he presents his Top 5 of street photography photobooks.

Top 5: Rohan Hutchinson on Japanese photobooks

Book Review

Rohan Hutchinson is an Australian artist who explores cities and social framework through architecture and landscape photography, aided by his extensive knowledge of Japanese photography. Here, he presents his top 5 of Japanese photobooks.

Recommendations of 2019

Book Review

We would like to take a short look back at some of the photobooks added to shashasha’s catalogue in 2019 and highlight several gems our team found particularly interesting. Rather than a “best of the year”, the list below is meant to (re-)introduce photobooks we think deserve a special mention. We hope you enjoy browsing our brief selection.

Michio Yamauchi


With his black-and-white photography from the streets of Tokyo, Japanese photographer Michio Yamauchi has built a comprehensive and illustrative catalogue of the characters, situations and conditions that define the streets in Japan’s capital. However, over the years Yamauchi expanded his photography to include regions other than those familiar to him, earning him – among other major awards and nominations – the 35th Domon Ken Award in 2015 for the series “Dhaka 2”, photographed in Bangladesh, as well as the 20th Tadahiko Hayashi Award in 2011 for Keelung, photographed in Taiwan.

YANG Seung-Woo "The Best Days" New Edition


New Edition of YANG Seung-Woo "The Best Days" will be released from Zen Foto Gallery in early July. shashasha will start the pre-ordering soon in this momth. Please look forward to it.

Zen Foto Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Campaign


Zen Foto Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Campaign | Japanese photography publisher and exhibition space Zen Foto Gallery nears its 10th anniversary in September and celebrates together with shashasha. In this article, founder Mark Pearson looks back on Zen Foto’s beginnings and early exhibitions of (mostly) Chinese artists. During our Zen Foto Gallery campaign, customers who purchase five or more of the titles listed below this article will receive a coupon which deducts 1000 JPY off any next purchase.