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Delivering Japanese and Asian Photography to the World

Shashasha brings the works of Asian photographers to a worldwide audience, easily accessible and at low cost. Shashasha WEB is a portal to introductions and purchases of out-of-prints to modern photography. On Shashasha APP, you can enjoy the photography on iPad.

Shashasha’s aims

Shashasha will allow people in any country to view classic and modern photobooks. We do not replace the paper photobook. As people discover photography on Shashasha many will want to own the real book and the real prints. We also reproduce classic photobooks that are no longer in print. These can be rare and expensive, but Shashasha makes them accessible to all at minimal cost.

Why shashasha

The distribution of photobooks is extremely limited, and it is impossible for an independent publisher to enter the national and global distribution systems. We initially conceived Shashasha as a way of making our books accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Artists want their work to be seen by the largest possible audience and publishers would like to give people a chance to buy their books.

iPad Application

Digital books for iPad

Regarding the suspension of iPad application shashasha

shashasha’s iPad application will be suspended after December 2016. We are deeply thankful for the continued support and interest in the application over the years. We will make a more detailed announcement regarding the future of shashasha's digital archive soon.

The images in shashasha’s iPad application were specially prepared for viewing on the iPad (2012) size screen. Thus the images will not be usable for reproduction in print form and not downloadable. Books purchased on shashasha are available for viewing while online and are not stored locally on your iPad for offline viewing.

  • Release: 2013 February
  • Media: iPad
  • Resolution: 1024×768 / 72dpi
  • Language: English, Japanese