1988- Born in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan
2011 - Finished Photography workshop "Kiwamari-sou Photography Club" by Mieko Matsumoto

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013 - The 7th "1_WALL" Photography Competition Grand Prix winner solo exhibition "YOSUGA," GuardianGarden, Tokyo
2013 - "ITSUKAMITAINA" Emi Nakata solo exhibition First period, PLAYROOM + spaceAFA in Mito-no-Kiwamari-sou, Ibaraki
2014 - "ITSUKAMITAINA" Emi Nakata solo exhibition Second period, spaceAFA in Mito-no-Kiwamari-sou, Ibaraki

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 - Kiwamari-sou Photography Club Completion exhibition "Happy children," spaceAFA in Mito-no-Kiwamari-sou, Ibaraki
2012 - The 7th "1_WALL" Photography Competition exhibition, Guardian Garden, Tokyo
2013 - Cafe & Art vol.2 Emi Nakata curated by Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, trattoria blackbird / cafe PICO / Maruni Coffee / cafe zakka gallery MINERVA / cafe Arco-Iris, Ibaraki
2014 - "From AKAAKA, from books, from photographs" Spiral Garden, Tokyo
2014 - Nishine-nale 2014 "Waiting for a miracle" A House of Nishine, Yamagata


2011 - The 6th "1_WALL" Photography Competition Honorable mention by the juries (Selected by Kisei Kobayashi and Kimi Himeno)
2012 - The 7th "1_WALL" Photography Competition Grand Prize

Books from Emi NAKATA