Yuichi Hibi is an accomplished fine art photographer and filmmaker.
His photography has earned international acclaim, and has appeared in museums, gallery shows, and both private and permanent collections, including the Santa Barbara Museum.The New York Times described Hibi's inspired mindset, when he photographed "the silence and solitude"of nighttime exteriors, as "a mental state akin to meditative ecstasy". 
As a filmmaker, Hibi directed a feature documentary,“A Weekend with Mr. Frank”, about world-renowned photographer Robert Frank with co-producer/editor Ross Kauffman (2005 Oscar-winning director of “Born into Brothels”). "Road Kill", a feature film project that Hibi co-wrote and will direct, was selected for the L'Atelier program at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival (currently in pre-production planning stage).
In 2014, Hibi made his directorial debut with "An Ornament of Faith" (Hibi also served as writer, producer, and editor). 
Hibi's most current project, “Method or Madness?”,a feature documentary that examines the influence and emergence of the American “Method” and its worldwide impact on theater and film. Featured subjects include Eli Wallach, Patricia Bosworth, Austin Pendleton, Arthur Penn and others.
Hibi, a native of Japan, is currently based in New York.

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