Taishi HIROKAWA was born in 1950 in Kanagawa. Current activities in Tokyo.

Searches his own artistic world, in parallel with commercial photography. Outstanding series are, among others, "Sono mama sono mama (as they are)", The series of people living in country side clothed in designers' brands, "Wakusei no oto (the sound of planet)" the series of mysterious harmony of galaxy, "Still crazy", the series of several nuclear power stations in Japan, "Timescapes" & "Whimsical Forces", both under the theme of eternal time. Took photographic direction of the movie "Tony TAKITANI", directed by Jun Ichikawa and shown in 30 countries in 2005. Received the grand prix at the film festival of Locarno, Switzerland.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Princeton University Art Museum
San Francisco Museum of Modern Ar
Kobe Fashion Museum
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Bibliothque nationale de France

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