Born in Tsuruoka-city, Yamagata Prefecture, he first worked as a news photographer, and in 1987 started to take pictures of fireworks (“hanabi” in Japanese).
After he obtained a qualification in pyrotechnics in 1997, he started to call himself a ‘hanabist’, and since then he has been taking photographs of fireworks both in Japan and around the world. He also has been studying the history and the culture of fireworks.
His preferred method is to release the shuter only once, without using the technique of multiple-exposure, and he seeks to capture the real appearances of fireworks.


1957-Born in Tsuruoka-city,Yamagata
1977-Graduated from a vocational school (fashion design department) and got a job at an apparel company
1984-Independent as a freelance photographer
Started shooting fireworks as his lifework in 1987, mainly focusing on photography for magazines
1997-Acquired pyrotechnician license and started researching the history and culture of fireworks, including gunpowder

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