Keiko Nomura Profile
Born in Hyogo in Japan, Nomura graduated from Visual Arts College Osaka and studied photography in Los Angeles and Santa Fe. Her first photo book Deep South (1999) captures her roots of Okinawa and attracted much attention for its unique colors and rich emotionality. Since then, women and water have been the motifs in her overarching theme of ‘life’. Her work explores life’s infinite cycle beyond time and space and her pieces have been published in 8 photo books and shown in over 40 exhibitions. She received the Newcomer’s Award from the Photographic Society of Japan in 1999 and New Photographer Prize at the 16th Higashikawa International Photography Festival in 2000. Hayashi Tadahiko Photograhy Prize 2018. The collection has kept in Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum and some more. She currently lives and works in Okinawa



1999 DEEP SOUTH / Little More, Tokyo
2004 In-between/Eu-Japan-Fest, Tokyo
2006 Boody Moon,/Toseisha, Tokyo
2009 Red Water,/ Artbeat-Publishers
2012 Soul Blue, Silberbooks/AKAAKA
2016 Drop of light to rushing water/ Pierre von Kleist
2017 OKINAWA / Pierre von Kleist
2018 Otari-Pristine Peaks / Super Lab


Pubic collection
Tokyo art museum of photography
Okinawa Prefecture Art Museum, Okinawa
Higashikawa Gallery of Photography
Kiyosato Photo Art Museum
Shunan City of Museum Art and History.

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