Masako Tomiya was born in Tsugaru region of Aomori Prefecture in 1981.

She started photography during the high school years, went on to the Department of Photography in Osaka University of Arts in 1999, and studied under photographer Issei Suda. 

Began studying in Tokyo College of Photography in 2003. From this time around she started taking pictures of Tsugaru region which would eventually lead her to edit the photography book “Tsugaru”. 

Held exhibitions in ZEIT-FOTO-SALON, the long-established photograph gallery in Japan, for her first time in 2010 and the second in 2012. Tomiya is the youngest of the present members belong in the gallery. 

Established her own publishing label “HAKKODA” and brought out her very first photography book “Tsugaru” in 2013. Held “Tsugaru” exhibition in 2014 and presented her compilation of 11-year work.

Tomiya asks herself what the most important thing is in this era of continuous change. To pass on this question to the future generation, she will be based in japan and continue to express by taking photographs.


1981- Born in Aomori.
2003- Graduated from Osaka University of Arts photography department.
2005- Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012- "It’s a nice day today", ZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo
2010- "Michi Kusa", ZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012- "Portraits", Nihombashi Takashimaya ,Tokyo
2012- "ZEIT-FOTO Collection", ZEIT-FOTO SALON,Tokyo

Books from Masako TOMIYA

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