Mina Daimon, Born in Yokohama, Japan.
Studied art at Yokohama Art School. Began career as photographer after applying for the Ricoh Photo Gallery RING CUBE Photo Exhibition.
Finalist for the Canon Photographers First Session. Collaborated with numerous fashion brands such as MUJI.“Honjitsu no Hakoniwa Project”( “the Miniature Garden”) published in “SPOTLIGHT”, LensCulture online magazine in 2013. “Alhambra“ Won the Honorable Mention at International Photography Awards 2017.

In the main photo exhibition “Portugal”(2011, Ricoh Photo Gallery RING CUBE), “The Miniature Garden” (2013, 72 Gallery), ”HAMA” (2018, Canon Gallery)Photo book “Al-Andalus” (2014, Ooka Publishing), “HAMA“(2018, AKAAKA Publishing).

Books from Mina DAIMON