Morten Andersen was born in Norway in 1965 and started making fanzines and taking pictures of friends in punk rock bands in 1980, when 15 years old.

In the 80s he continued shooting for bands and norwegian music press, while also working in the darkroom at a daily newspaper in Oslo.

In 1990 Andersen moved to New York to study at the International Center of Photography.

His first solo exhibition was at Fotogalleriet in Oslo 1992, since then his work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New Zealand, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Italy, Austria, Holland, England, Sweden, USA, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland.

He has published 20 books of his own work : Fast City (1999), Days of Night (2003), Oslo F. (2005), Leira (2006), White Nights (2006), Fast/Days (2007), ASS TIME GOES BY (2008), Blå Skog/Blue Forest (2009), Jetlag and Alcohol (2009), Color F (2010), M in M (2011), Black and Blue (2011), Flying, Bodø 85/86 (2012), 16 bilder (lost dogs) (2012), UNTITLED.CITIES (2013), Stock (2014), Foto Nice (2014), Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (2014), Now I wanna be your dog (2015) and Tokyo 20002002 (2016).

Books from Morten ANDERSEN