Tokyo Rumando was born in 1980 in Tokyo. While working as a model for movies and magazines, she began shooting photographs in 2005. Self-taught, she mainly photographs her self-nude portraits and portraits of Rakugo artists. Her series “Orphee” has been presented in a group exhibition “Performing for the Camera” at Tate Modern (London, 2016). Her solo exhibitions include, ”I’m only happy when I’m naked” Ibasho Gallery (Antwerp, 2018); Taka Ishii Gallery Photography Paris (2016), “Orphée” TokyoLightRoom; Place M; Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo, 2014), “REST 3000~ STAY 5000~,” Zen Foto Gallery (2012), “Hotel Life,” Place M (Tokyo, 2012). Her photobooks include selfpolaroids (Zen Foto Gallery, 2017), Orphée (Zen
Foto Gallery, 2014) and REST 3000~ STAY 5000~ (Zen Foto Gallery, 2012).


1980 Born in Tokyo


2018 "S" (Zen Foto Gallery)
2017 "selfpolaroids" (Zen Foto Gallery)
2017 "Another Orphee" (Private Edition)
2014 "Orphée" (Zen Foto Gallery)
2012 "REST 3000~ STAY 5000~" (Zen Foto Gallery)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 "S", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2017 "I’m only happy when I’m naked", IBASHO Gallery, Antwerp
2016 "I’m only happy when I’m naked", Taka Ishii Gallery Photography Paris
2014 "Orphée", TokyoLightRoom, Japan
2014 "Orphée", PLACE M, Tokyo
2012 "REST3000 -, STAY5000 -", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2012 "Hotel Life", PLACE M, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 "Mirrors - The Reflected Self", Museum Rietberg, Zürich, Switzerland
2018 "Double Method", Daiwa Foundation, Japan House Gallery, London
2018 “Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts Basically. Forever. 2018”, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
2017 "Female Force From Japan", IBASHO Gallery, Antwerp
2017 "i am an object", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2016 "YP’15 Young Portfolio Acquisition", Kiyosato Photo Art Museum, Japan
2016 "Shikijo: eroticism in Japanese photography", Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong
2016 "Performing for the camera", Tate Modern, London
2015 "fotofever", Paris
2014 "Rosso di Donna", LaBarbagianna Gallery, Italy
2014 "fotofever", Paris
2014 "TOKYO PHOTO”, Japan
2012 "No Found Photo Fair”, Paris
2012 "TOKYO PHOTO", Japan


Kiyosato Photo Art Museum

Books from Tokyo Rumando


Tokyo Rumando