Performing for the Camera: 5 key artists
Curator Simon Baker, selects his top five artists from the forthcoming Performing for the Camera at the Tate Modern.

Tokyo Rumando is the pen-name of a young Tokyo photographer who has entered the world of the love hotel to produce a book of self-portraits. Visiting more than 20 love hotels in Tokyo, alone with her camera, she takes us with her into this other world. We sense the excitement of the first encounter with a lover, the sometimes tragic events that occur, as well as the tawdry and sordid nature of many encounters here.

Tokyo Rumando has also explored historical and cultural aspects of the hotels. They tend to cluster around the historical entertainment districts. Most famous are the districts of Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yoshiwara, with links that stretch back a century or more in Tokyo`s pleasure quarters.

On the surface, Japan is a well-ordered, clean society. Tokyo Rumando`s photographs take us through the walls into a very private world, where fulfilment, excitement, fantasy and love is sought within the vast metropolis of Tokyo.


1980 Born in Tokyo


2012 - "Rest3000-Stay5000-" Zen Foto Gallery
2014 - "Orphee" Zen Foto Gallery

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012 - "HOTEL LIFE", Place M, Tokyo
2012 - "Rest3000- Stay5000-", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2012 - "Japanese RAKUGO Storyteller", Japan
2014 - "Orphee", Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo
2014 - "Orphee", TokyoLightRoom, Tokyo
2014 - "Orphee", Place M, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 - "Incontrid'Arte", LaBarbagianna Gallery, Italy
2016 - "Performing for camera", Tate Modern, London

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