Toshiya Murakoshi was born in 1980 inSukugawa, Fukushima. Japanese photographer based in Tokyo.He chose his hometown as a photographic subject since 2006. His photobooks include"turn back the hands of time", "calendula", "Prayer & Bark", "uncertain", "until and unless", "timelessness", "RAINY DAYS".


1980 born in Sukagawa city,Fukushima preferectue,Japan
2003 graduated from Nippon Photography Institute
2009 established 「TAP」gallery in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa,Koutou-ku,Tokyo
2011 received a prize Japan Art of Photography Association
2012 started 「factory」project


2006 "RAINY DAYS" Sokyu-sha
2008 "timelessness" Sokyu-sha
2009 "uncertain" TAP
2010 "until and unless" TAP
2011 "calendula"TAP
2012 "Prayer & Bark"plump WorM factory
2013 "turn back the hands of time" TAP/Taka ishii gallery


The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Books from Toshiya MURAKOSHI