1983 Born in Chiba, Japan
2004 Graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts, Department of Photography


2011 "osorezan" heuristic + artbeat publishers
2008 "Line 13" AKAAKA ART PUBLISHING, Inc.
2008 "Sasurai" artbeat publishers CO., Ltd.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2005 "Akashi" Visual Arts Gallery, Tokyo
2006 "Line 13" Lotus Root Gallery, Tokyo
2008 "Sasurai" art project room ARTZONE (Kyoto), G/P Gallery (Tokyo)
2009 "Line 13" AKAAKA, Tokyo
2012 "Yuhki Touyama" 35minutes, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 "New visions of Photography" Refined Nest Gallery, Shanghai
2006 "The 26th Hitotsubo Photography Award Exhibition" Guardian Garden, Tokyo
2007 "THE EXPOSED #2" Kaigandouri Gallery CASO (Osaka), PUNCTUM (Tokyo)
2008 "THE EXPOSED #3" Kaigandouri Gallery CASO, Osaka
2009 "THE EXPOSED #4" Kaigandouri Gallery CASO, Osaka
2010 "Tokyo Decadence" TEN HAAF PROJECTS, Amsterdam
2010 "THE EXPOSED #5" Kaigandouri Gallery CASO, Osaka
2012 "Yu Ukai Yuhki Touyama ten" 35minutes, Tokyo
2012 "CONTEMPLATION" picture gallery, Bloomington
2012 "A Place Aside: Artists and Their Partners" The Kinsey Institute Gallery, Bloomington

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