Born 1987 in Kanagawa. While studying at university, he became fascinated with photography after photographing his favourite musicians. He makes his photographs while moving from one city to another that catches his fancy from time to time.


1987 - Born in Kanagawa
2012 - Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School and started photographic career, moving from one country to another
2018 - Moved to London
2019 - Published first photograph book “Night Tales” from Libraryman
2022 - Returns to Japan
2023 - Launches own label "little breath" in Nagoya, publishing handmade book "the other side"

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 - "Untitled Portraits", Terrace Square, Tokyo
2022 - "the other side" with Maiko Okimoto, The side, Kyoto

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 - "dix vol.02", Quiet Noise, Tokyo

Books from Yusaku AOKI