Born on July 19, 1931 in Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture. His father owned the photo room of Matsuya department store in Ginza, Tokyo.
Graduated from Bunka Gakuin School of Fine Arts in 1952. He majored in oil painting when he was a student, intending to become a painter. However, his father's friend Taro Hiramatsu, a photographer, encouraged him to become a photographer upon graduation from Bunka Gakuin.
In 1956, he held his first solo exhibition of photographs, "Daydream. Later, he was involved in a traffic accident that impaired his vision in both eyes. His friend Shuji Terayama planned a project to take photographs at a racetrack, and he accompanied Hisae to the track, which triggered his fascination with horses.
In 1970, she met a horse in Newmarket, England, that fascinated her, and since then, she has focused on photographing thoroughbreds. The horse was Nijinsky. From then until his death, he continued to take photographs of racehorses and riders.
In 1984, he established Newmarket Inc. Ltd. and began producing racehorse-related photo books, posters, and photo cards.
On February 17, 2009, he passed away at home due to acute heart failure; he died at the age of 77.
In January 2010, he was presented with the 2009 JRA Award for Distinguished Achievement in Horse Culture.


1977 - "When I Pass by, I Poem the World of Horses" (Shinshindo Shuppan)
1978 - "Ten Point" Shinshindo Shuppan
1980 - "The Thoroughbred" Azuma Publishing
1985 - "Symbol Rudolph" Kadokawa Shoten
1987 - "Thoroughbred Hymn" Genkosha
1994 - "Yume wo Durikakeru Tokai Teio" (Running Dreams) Kadokawa Shoten
1995 - "Yutaka Take Photo Book: 1000 Wins" Kadokawa Shoten
1999 - "CHAMPION Taiki Shuttle" Newmarket


1995 - Newcomer's Award, Japan Photography Critics Society
1960 - Camera Art and Art Prize
1971 - Silver Prize, Society of publication designers 1971 annual award show, USA
1978 - Photographic Society of Japan annual award

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