Born 1984 in Kanagawa, Japan, Kan Sawa started to work in the movie production industry since he was an art university student and began working as a photographer in 2018 under his current artist name, publishing his first photography series named “Rapture”. In the same year, he also worked as the visual director for NHK’s drama series “Wonderwall”. While he was responsible for taking all the still shots for the drama, he published a photo book under the same title. Sawa also photographed the Yoshida Dormitory in Kyoto University and exhibited the series at AL, Tokyo and on the walls of Rissei Library, inside the former Rissei Elementary School in Kyoto. Actively pursuing his passion for photography, Sawa is currently showing his “Rapture” series at haku, Kyoto from April 12 to May 12th, 2019, as a KG+ Kyotographie satellite event.
Kan Sawa is also known for his other name Kazuhiro Sawataishi, involving with the character design of the film series “Rurouni Kenshin” and the television commercial series “Santaro” by au KDDI. He was nominated twice for the Asian Film Awards for Best Costume Design with the movie “13 Assassins” (2006) and “Punk Samurai Slash Down” (2018).

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