Born in 1947 Japan, Masashiro Michael Nogami began his photographic career in 1971 soon after graduating from Tokyo's Rikko (St. Paul's) University. Nogami's photographs capture scenes which chronicle Japan's most iconic Folk Rock band of hte 1970s Happy End, to photographing the landscapes of America's urban and industrial areas of New York. The images present a wealth of history of both individuals and place, captured through snapshots and carefully composed large scale photographs, Mike Nogami's photographs beautifully present a visualised world of both memory and experience.


1947 - Born, Japan
1970 - Graduated Rikkyo (St. Paul's) University, Tokyo
1974 - Moved to U.S.A
1994 - Returned to Japan
2000 - Moved to U.S.A
2015 - Returned to Japan


1997 - "NEW YORK - HOLY CITY", Bijitsu Shuppan Sha, Japan
2000 - "Happy na Hibi", Music Magazine Sha, Japan
2002 - "Happy Snapshot Diary: Tokyo 1968-70 Vol. 1 & Vol. 2) Blues Interaction, Japan
2006 - "WORKSHOP MU!" - Shufu no Tomo sha, Japan
2011 - "When New York Was Sexier", Self-published, U.S.A
2012 - "METROSCAPE 1", Self-published, U.S.A
2012 - "METROSCAPE 2", Self-published, U.S.A
2016 - "SHIBUYA 1999", Zen Foto Gallery, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1998 - Fifteen Large Phtographs, Fuji Photo Salon, Ginza Tokyo & Gallery le Deco, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan
1999 - New York Sacred Groud, OK Harris, New York, U.S.A
2000 - Happy no Hibi, Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan
2002 - HAPPY, Gallery 360, Aoyama Tokyo, Japan
2010 - Mike Nogami's Den, Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan
2012 - When New York Was Sexier, Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan
2012 - Metroscape, Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan
2014 - Happy End, Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan
2016 - Shibuya 1999, Gallery Le Deco, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

Books from Mike NOGAMI