Yasutaka Kojima (b.1977, Tokyo, Japan) lives and works in Berlin. He graduated from Kokugakuin University Department of Literature and in 2006 moved to the US. Graduated from the ICP (International Center of Photography), General Studies Program, NY. Received the ICP Director’s Scholarship Award. 2011 recipient of the overseas study program for upcoming artists of the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs. In 2012 he was chosen for Photo Espana “Descubrimiento photoespaña” Participated in Künstlerhaus Bethanien International Residency Program in Berlin in 2015. Awarded Hariban Award 2022 Grand Prize. Selected recent solo exhibitions include Naka-ima | Berlin (Daitokuji, Kyoto 2023), Naka-ima | Berlin (Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo,2021) Unconscious | Berlin (Place M, 2020), Berlin (Ginza Nikon Salon, 2017), Tokyo (Ginza Nikon Salon, 2016), Tokyo | Berlin (Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 2016), and selected recent group exhibitions include Tokyo Curiosity (Bunkamura The Museum, 2020), Reading Images: The Time of Photography (Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 2019), Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO Contemporary Japanese Photography, vol.13(Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 2016). His work is permanent collection of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. He is the author of three books including by Super Labo and Sokyu-sha.


ICP (International Center of Photography) General Studies Program, 2006-2007, NY

2011, Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas study program for artist by the Agency of Japan Cultural Affairs, Japan (Place:NY)

2015, International artist in residency program, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

2017, Selected photographer of Nikon Salon Ginza, Japan
2017, Selected Artist of Center, Review Santa Fe, USA
2016, Selected photographer of Nikon Salon Ginza, Japan
2013, Selected photographer of Nikon Salon Ginza, Japan
2012, PHE'12, selected Artist of "Descubrimiento photoespaña", In the festival photoespaña, Spain
2009, Selected photographer of Nikon Salon Juna21, Japan


2019, “The Time of Photography” Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Japan
2016, "Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO" Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Japan
2015, "Tokyo" Sokyusha, Japan
2014, "NEW YORK" Sokyusha, Japan
2013, "Coming back", SUPER LABO, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023, “Naka-ima | Berlin” Daitokuji, KG+, Kyoto
2021, “Naka-ima | Berlin” Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo
2020, "Unconscious | Berlin" Place M, Tokyo
2019, "Unconscious | New York,Tokyo" Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo
2019, "Unconscious | Berlin" Akio Nagasawa Gallery Aoyama, Tokyo
2017, "Berlin" Ginza Nikon Salon, Japan
2016, "Tokyo" Ginza Nikon Salon, Japan
2016, "Tokyo | Berlin" Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2015, "NEW YORK" Leica&Camera style, Japan
2014, "NEW YORK" Place M, Japan
2013, "Coming Back" 916 Gallery, Japan
2013, "Coming back" Ginza Nikon Salon, Japan
2013, "Tokyo" ISE Cultural Foundation, NY
2012, "New York ⇄ Tokyo2012" Place M, Japan
2010, "New York ⇄ Tokyo2009" Place M, Japan
2009, "Boroughs of New York"Juna21 Shinjuku, Osaka Nikon Salon, Japan
2008, "The Abandoned"Place M, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020, “Tokyo Curiosity 2020 Shibuya” Bunkamura The Museum, Tokyo
2019, “The Time of Photography”, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo
2019, “monoとtone” PGI Summer show 2019, PGI, Tokyo
2016, "Tokyo Tokyo and TOKYO" - Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.13,
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Japan
2014, "Tokyo Shibuya Lover Photographers meets Takamatsu" Shionoe Museum of Art, Japan
2012, ”Tokyo-Ga”New York Photo Festival 2012, NY
2011, "Tokyo-Ga" Gallery 21, Japan
2011, "Wa project" 25PCW Gallery, NY
2011, "We Are One" NYIT, NY
2011, "Here and There" hpgrp Gallery, NY
2010, "126 Polaroid" Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan
2009, The Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan
2008, The Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan
2007, "Degrees of Separation" Peer Gallery, NY
2007, "Light Proof" International Center of Photography, NY
2006, "Art students Exhibition" ISE Cultural Foundation, NY


2022, Grand Prize of Hariban Award 2022
2007, ICP Director's Scholarship Award


Tokyo Photographic Art Museum,Tokyo. Kiyosato Art Photo Museum,Japan.

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Yasutaka KOJIMA