Yasutaka KOJIMA

Publisher: Sokyusha

“I have been recording cityscape of Tokyo since 2008. The city gives me a sense of evanescence. All the cities are formed by man’s greed and depth of it decides the size of the cities.
Every single thing existing in the cities is consisted by man intentionally. The cities transforms themselves every moment like the nature does. The city in the period of time where our identity and subjectivity has been lost in the urban environment. They city has lost traditional meaning of the perspective structure and collapsed and expand itself beyond men’s intention.

I see the future of the cities in the boundary of humans and the nature as if man’s greed were disappeared.

I want to record it by photography before it disappears.”

-Kojima Yasutaka afterword, Tokyo

Born in Tokyo in 1977 and based in New York, Kojima Yosutaka’s Tokyo documents the landscape of the city within his most recently published body of work. Published by Sokyusha, Kojima Yosutaka’s photobook collates a series of images taken in between 2008 and 2014. Within, Yosutaka’s portrayal of Tokyo presents a personal reflection upon the landscape and environment which have come to characterize and define a city through it’s structure. What is provided within the images is a representation and mirror to aspects of both time and change, as well as the overriding presence and influence of the human in the shaping of environments.


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Book Size
230 x 260 mm
64 pages, 60 images
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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