A Thread of Red

A Thread of Red


Publisher: akaaka-sha

“The spirit world that is suddenly, only for an instant, passed through in your everyday field of view is here arrested with gentle sensitivity and vision.

Leaf through a large number of an artist’s colour prints, and a stiff pathos will manifest itself. Junko Yonezawa’s “A Thread of Red” was more akin to browsing through a poetry collection through a book that is not merely an accumulation of words.” —Daido Moriyama

“Appearing to be merely a series of 6x6 photographs lined up next to each other, there is a benign, tender sensation rippling from the spaces between the images, enthralling the viewer. It’s a transparent sorrow, a feeling that life and death are, somehow, conjoined on a moebius strip. The viewer is left with a premonition that another level of expression might have just broken through to the surface.” — Kotaro Izawa

Keywords: Snapshot

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