A Tree of Night


A Tree of Night

Tomoki IMAI

Publisher: MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.

Tomoki Imai usually uses 4x5 format camera with a tripod as we can see his published works in the past, like Mahiru - in the middle of the day, Seigensha Art Publishing inc, 2001, Light and Gravity, Little More co., ltd, 2009 and etc.. This book was composed of 24 images by using 35 mm photography works with MATCH's suggestion. Among images with beautiful light surrounding, the entrance of an obsolete cafe, water fountain of a park, a couple at a street crossing, white bird in a cage.. we see 8 photographs of the book pages in braille. They are reproduced from the book, Truman Capote's short story A Tree of Night. The photographer chose the subjects in deep quest of answers, how the photographer could sympathize with blind persons. is that possible? The journey of Imai between visible and invisible makes feel us everlasting loneliness in a labyrinth beautifully.

Keywords: Snapshot


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Book Size
257 x 182 mm
24 pages, 19 photo reproductions
Publication Date
Limited Edition
M label No.18

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