a View

Published by Akio Nagasawa, Toshio Shibata’s A View contains a collection of images captured in-between 1995 and 2007. Here Toshio Shibata beautifully captures man-altered spaces, damns and its forms are photographed with precise composition and framing to allow a new narrative and perspective to unfold. The smooth geometric corners and the tonal shifts of light rest against the surrounding nature which come into view alternating between the other, eliminating any clear perspective or focus. Instead Toshio Shibata’s photographs effortlessly captures both spaces in coexistence with the other both forces of strength and power in balance to the viewer. Included within this publication is an essay by Toshio Shibata.

"I try not to chage my photographs with emotion, but present teh subject matter plainly, as I believe that this method takes me to new and unknown areas that I can explore. I'm considering photography as a medium that involves these kinds of possibilities."

  • Toshio Shibata excert from A View

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