Akira Yoshimura Works

Akira Yoshimura Works


Publisher: ohsumishoten

Japanese photographer Akira Yoshimura’s snapshot photography brought him into the spotlight of the photography world in the 1980s. In the 1990s, he turned towards different themes in his photography; he photographed traces of Japan’s military invasions in Korea and southern Japan, photographed the 38-degree line dividing South and North Korea, documented secret Japanese weapons invented during the Second World War. His style, too, kept adapting and evolving, at times diving into the experimental side of photography.

This photobook is based on works left behind by Yoshimura, who died in 2012. These include works from his representative series from the 1990s, among them “New Story”, “The River” and “Dark Calls”, as well as newer works, collected by Yoshimura himself in series called “1994-2001” and “Recent Works.”
The book concludes with an essay by curator Masafumi Fukagawa (in Japanese, English and German translation).


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300 × 260 mm
320 pages
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