Araki Teller, Teller Araki

Araki Teller, Teller Araki

Juergen TELLERNobuyoshi ARAKI

Publisher: eyesenciaMATCH and Company Co., Ltd.

Published to coincide with the exhibition “Araki Teller Teller Araki” held at OstLich Gallery (April-May 2014) in Vienna Austria, Nobuyoshi Araki and Juergen Teller present their first jointly conceived and designed book. The publication assembles more than 300 photographs including works shown at the exhibition which were previously unpublished. The book brings together two of the most important photographers of our time, showing new works conceived for the exhibition. Both artists are united in this publication in their radical artistic attitude and their almost insatiable hunger for images as reflections of their personal experience of the world.

Included within the book are texts written by Nobuyoshi Araki and Juergen Teller which they have each dedicated to one another.

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