BAU Cover : C

BAU Cover : C

Takashi SUZUKI

Publisher: amana inc.

Four different covers

BAU is the work of Takashi Suzuki, an artist who explores what it means to look at a photograph through the medium of photography itself. The work—which presents a variety of compositions created from sponges of many different colors—was a hit at Amsterdam's Unseen photography fair.

The black backgrounds give the compositions the appearance of architectural forms (“bau” is German for “building” or “construction”), while the sheer variety of compositions suggests an entirely new way to look at the ordinary sponge.

The book is relatively small for a photobook—the dimensions of Suzuki's work are not that large to begin with—but with 500 photographs contained inside, it also has a heft that makes it a nice addition to a room's décor.

Each book features one of four different covers.

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Takashi SUZUKI

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