Beirut / Tokyo and one picture of Mt. Fuji / Happy in the U.A.E.

Beirut / Tokyo and one picture of Mt. Fuji / Happy in the U.A.E.


Publisher: VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst GmbH

Slight damage to spine (see photos)

Martin Stöbich’s three-city survey published in a single collection.

In three volumes, this publication collects Martin Stöbich’s photographic explorations of three seemingly unconnected, arbitrary places in the world in 318 pictures. Beginning with Beirut and ending in Dubai (with an unplanned long stay after the authorities decided him to be a ‘national security threat’), Stöbich used his hand-held Leica film camera as a tool to capture visual, sometimes cultural peculiarities. While the artist included a quasi-series of shots documenting the local taxi variations in the Tokyo volume, the connections between the pictures are not always as apparent. According to Stöbich, the book’s sequence came into being during his shoots and travels.

“The pictures are, so to speak, the film stills from Stöbich’s surveys of the areas. And this is basically what Stöbich was concerned with. Surveying areas. Classifying things for himself.”
— from the publisher’s description

Keywords: Tokyo Travel


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Book Size
300 × 210 mm
404 pages, 318 images
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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