Beuys in America

Beuys in America

Joseph BEUYS

Publisher: Steidl

On January 9, 1974, the German artist Joseph Beuys traveled to the United States, together with Gerhard Steidl and Klaus Staeck – the first visit to the US for all three of them. For Beuys, the visit itself was a planned performance carried out on the streets of New York, on airplanes, taxis, hotels, university lecture halls and customs offices. The entire trip has been photographed and document by Staeck and Steidl.

In New York, Beuys spent hours explaining his Social Sculpture model at the New School. In Chicago, passing by the Biograph Cinema, Beuys spontaneously reenacted John Dillinger fleeing and being shot. Later, the journey continued to Minneapolis where Beuys gave further lectures and press conferences.

Originally published in 1987, the book has now been re-released on the occasion of Beuys’ 100th birthday, in a new edition conceived by Klaus Staeck and Gerhard Steidl.


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Book Size
297 × 210 mm
224 pages, 187 images
Publication Year
English, German

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