Contact High Zine Issue 4: Into the Parallel

Contact High Zine Issue 4: Into the Parallel

Yusuke YAMATANIMari KATAYAMAMotohiko HASUIHideki MAKIGUCHIRYU IkaYoko KUSANODaisuke MATSUMOTOYoshirottenVarious Artists

Publisher: Lo-Fi

Japanese independent magazine Contact High Zine presents its fourth issue, titled “Into The Parallel.”

Featuring solo and collaborative works by artists such as Yoshirotten, Mari Katayama, Hideki Machiguchi, Kota Nakazono, Ohiana, Henry Darger, Yoko Kusano, Tsutomu Ono and many more, “Into the Parallel” examines branches of reality, explores possibilities, alternatives, differences, past paths and new chances through stunning and conceptually daring photographic works. Held together by magazine editor Tatsuya Shimada (based on personal experiences), the issue revolves around various narratives, superimposed and/or otherwise connected with each other. The otherworldly graphic design, as well as the decision to render all texts (including a long personal essay by Shimada) in an indecipherable font, make the book itself appear like a relict from a different time (past or future?), or like an alien artifact thrown into our dimension, something maybe not meant for us to read.

Keywords: Magazine Fashion


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Book Size
280 × 222 mm
375 pages
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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