Containers in Tokyo Special Edition #3

Special EditionSigned

Containers in Tokyo Special Edition #3

Yusuke INOUE

Publisher: Case Publishing

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Original Print + Original Frame + Photobook

The special edition of Yusuke Inoue’s “Containers in Tokyo” was created and hand-made by the artist himself. It consists of a painted wooden frame and a print from the series. The photobook itself, also part of the special edition set, hides in a compartment at the back of the frame. The frame can either be hung onto a wall or, thanks to the depth of the frame, also stand by itself.
This is a rare, hand-crafted special edition which truly communicates the artist’s commitment to his series, and will be part of the upcoming “Containers in Tokyo” exhibition at CASE TOKYO (September 8 – October 13)

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  • Please note that the cover on the accompanying photobook cannot be chosen


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Print size
265 × 177 mm
Inkjet print, mounted
Frame size
285 × 198 × 50 mm
Wood, matted white,
UV-filtering acrylic on front
Frame signed on back
Book Size
167 x 245 mm
80 pages
Softcover, soft case
Publication Date
English and Japanese
Special box size
300 × 220 × 53 mm

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