Johanna TAGADA

Publisher: In Other Words

Prepare your morning tea unhurriedly. Write letters to a future you. Practice your left hand's flexibility on the piano.
Go for a run in the woods.

Keeping a daily practice feels as if discovering another world, hidden beneath the foliage of everyday life. “How could I not have seen this world before?”, you wonder, as it grows vaster and more detailed with each time you enter.

― Johanna Tagada

The notion of daily practice represents the guiding theme of this book. Featuring hundred and eleven individual artworks gathered around eight themes, it introduces the artistic practice of French-born artist Johanna Tagada. The notion interweaves layers of thought and practice to a threefold meaning. First, the eight themes of the publication present the versatile nature of Johanna Tagada’s work, which encompasses a broad range of techniques, materials, and media including figurative and non-figurative drawings and paintings, collage, textile work, sculpture, and photography. Each copy of this book includes a card with a hand-pressed embossing, along a handwritten note by the artist.

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Book Size
127 × 186 mm
144 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese, French
Limited Edition