Dark Light

Dark Light


Publisher: K.STUDIO

Winner of the 26th Society of Photography Award

Dark Light is a collection of images which reflect photographer Kyoko Uchida's personal history. Here within this collection of self portraits is a depiction of Uchida's exploration of the self. Inspired by the light being entered into her room, Uchida utiizes this natural source of illumination in crafting her invisioned images. The body is always at focus and displayed whether it be in and amongst a group objects within a still life portrait or captured through a reflection of a mirror in disjointed parts, Kyoko Uchida explores notions of the self through the imagined abstract. The resulting images are strong, imbued with signs and meanin,g and represent the photographic manifestiation of Uchida's emotions.

—Afterword by Issei Suda

In my childhood, I used to draw pictures ( of woman ) every day because I didn’t like colours(oil paint etc.), I continued “ the dessin of Nude” in charcoal in school. After that, I have become crazy about the “photograph” as soon as I took the lesson of photo in the design-school, by chance. —I had taken the women, another people and the landscape etc. But, the “self- portraits” has been my life-work, finally. It is have significance as “ forms imbued with emotion” , and the subject could never have been anyone but myself.




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