De-porned Again

De-porned Again

Dokidoki Club

Publisher: Zen Foto Gallery

Shortlisted in the Book Awards Arles 2023

Japanese artist DokiDoki Club is back with a second series of “de-porned” images. With the power of imagination, a black marker, humor and a touch of shamelessness, DokiDoki Club transforms soft pornographic photographs into funny and slightly less pornographic artworks. Though undeniably cheeky, DokiDoki Club’s illustrations always stay respectful and simply throw a little improvised fun into the mix. Butts serve as faces for hippopotam and horses, breasts give shape to Superman-like cats flying off to save someone or to a couple of moles taking a break from digging, and tightly packed jockstraps turn into onigiri riceballs, larger-than-life pencils and squid-shaped aliens.


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Book Size
175 × 127 mm
96 pages, 92 images
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